About US

About Us

Dead Robot Society

Started in 2000, we are a group of robotics enthusiasts that compete annually in local and international Botball educational robotics competitions.  Our mentors and teammates work to find creative solutions for game boards the game boards created each year.  This hands on experience allows our teammates to experience and learn the intricate relationships between hardware and software in robotics.

We aim to build and enhance robots through collaboration with teammates while improving our technical skills and leadership.

What We Do

The Dead Robot Society is a middle and high school robotics team based in Herndon, VA

Throughout the season we design and construct robots to compete at Botball (Botball.org) robotics competitions. We chose to compete in Botball competitions because the robots run autonomously, a more difficult technical challenge than the human driver model used by other robotics groups.  Botball uses a singular kit for all teams and does not allow for additional parts, challenging the creativity of teammates to design tools from a limited set of parts.

Mission Statement

The Dead Robot Society LLC seeks to educate middle and high school students in the study of engineering skills in a non-school environment. We train the students to develop software and hardware using tools and processes typically found in professional engineering firms. We accomplish this by designing, building and coding tabletop robots that compete in regional and global competitions.