One week to go!

“tim is not a scary person” quoth liam (i disagree)Project X gets points for wearability and stylishness!

The hardware guys have continued their general idleness. At least, as far as robots are concerned. They’ve been eating Chipotle and playing Mario Kart on the Nintendo DS. Not that they can be blamed; they’re basically done, unless something needs fixed last-minute. The bridge-lowering arm on the XBC was a little loose, so they fixed that, but otherwise they’re free to observe software progress, learn about robots, and eat chips.

Hannah and I have been slacking a bit as well, discussing my definite and her indefinite plans of going to Case Western Reserve University in the fall. We made a list of which dorms we like best, and have started mentally decorating… Kevin mocked us for our laziness as he used his time wisely by spinning around on the spinny chair and eating pretzels.

and he pretends to normal.Benjin and Liam seem to be having software problems; apparently, every time Benjin tries to open the file, it doesn’t work. Then Liam tries it and it works fine. It’s a source of amusement for the rest of us.

Mr. Gras says that Liam is about 95% done with the programming on the Create. Liam seems a bit doubtful, but everything seems to be going smoothly and hopefully we’ll be all set by Code Freeze on Tuesday.

The little XBC, however, was acting funny… it had been doing fine at putting the bridge down, going across, and sorting through the cups and Tribble piles. However, if it’s not set up right, everything gets just a little bit off: and that little bit means a lot. But these are the little things that are better to catch now rather than later, so it should be easily fixed.

the game is afoot!
Next Week’s Schedule:

Monday: Go from 95 to 100% on code! Software guys, that means you!

Tuesday: Finishing touches, then Code Freeze! Only absolutely necessary and generally painless code changes after this point!

Wednesday: Checklist – a set of instructions for the setter-uppers to take with them to the board, so when they put the robot down they don’t forget any key details with the stress of competition!

Thursday: Stress Rehearsal – we test out the checklist and submit our setter-uppers to as many difficulties and distractions as we possibly can! It’ll make the actual competition seem like a piece of cake.

Friday: Pack up and Blender Party! We’ll make sure we’ve got everything we need all ready to go, then fire up the blenders and celebrate! We’ll be home at a reasonable hour to leave for competition bright and early on Saturday!

Okay, enough explanation points. But this week is going to be great, and we’re hoping to do really well at competition on Saturday!

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  1. So i think we should definitely put up a section of which the team members would be shown; maybe have their name and a brief description and than a little avatar pic (i.e headshot on stick figure) for people reading the blog to recognize and put a face to who the blog mentions.

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