Crunch Time

Today everyone at the Botcave was working on makeing all the final changes to the robots and started to prep them for competition. Hardware and Software worked together to make sure the robots were running smoth


Today Hardware worked to make small changes to the robots so the were able to run smother. They also added the final parts to the robots so they were all put together and almost ready for competition.


Software worked to add the final parts of the program to the code to make sure the robots were going to run smoth. With each day the robots make more progress and are almost ready for competition.


Although we had a few unsuccessful runs at the Bot cave today by the end the robots were running smother.

One thought on “Crunch Time”

  1. Nice job winning the BotBall competition today (Saturday, April 21st 2012). I was on the Bailey’s Mott team. I loved your robots! And your strategy was really good. Good Job! 😀

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