GCER Results

First off, apologies for not posting this during GCER! We had an incredibly busy and hectic week, so the blog slipped my mind. This post should be worth the wait though, as we won 1st overall!!!!! It was a hard fought win for the team, as we placed 3rd in both double seeding and regular seeding (2nd for seeding overall), and fought our way back from the consolation bracket to win double elimination (against the same team that knocked us into the consolation bracket)! In addition to placing well, the team was awarded Judges’ Choice! This was the best GCER DRS has seen in many years and we are thrilled to share it with you all.

3 Days Out

3 days until the Regional competition! Lego is looking competition ready, but Create has needed a few minor tweaks in its routine. Aside from the robots, we did a practice run-through of our onsite presentation to the students! Tomorrow we will do another presentation for the mentors to get additional feedback. Looking forward to it!

Simulating Competition

We are 4 days away from the Regional Competition! To continue preparation, we have set up two fold-able tables and laptops with our code to simulate the competition environment inside the pit. Next, we will set up light code so we can begin running the robots how they will be run at competition.

The final stage is coming together!

Under a Week Away

After taking Sunday off for Mother’s Day, we are back in the Cave and under a week away from the Regional Competition! Today we continued practicing running the robots and made some minor hardware changes (just swapping out some sensors).

We also had a prospective student visit the Cave! While we have 8 dedicated team members, we are hoping to expand our membership for the GCER season and next year (especially as our seniors graduate and head off to college!). If you are reading this and are interested in joining our team, feel free to reach out!

We are so excited for the competition this weekend and hope you will continue to follow our journey.

Preparing for Regionals

As the Regional competition gets closer, there are a few things we need to do:

1. Set up light code

2. Code Freeze

3. Set up laptops with programming

4. Pack up robots, hardware kits, and computers

We are so excited! See you all there 🙂