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The Dead Robot Society is a robotics club that is not associated with a specific high school. Instead, we come together from all over northern Virginia, meeting in Herndon in the “Bot Cave” to build, program, and test our robots. We have been creating robots for the annual Botball competition since 2001.

As a team, we enjoy coding, building, throwing Tribbles at each other, laughing, and eating lots of taquitos. The robots, cleverly referred to as Legobot and Createbot, don’t eat as many taquitos as we do, but they still have fun. Their hobbies include rescuing frogs and ducks, saving the wetlands, and long walks on the beach. They are generally cooperative, however they can get cranky if they aren’t sufficiently charged (imitating their human-student counterparts when they haven’t been fed!). The team works well together: we each have unique skills, but when we collaborate we are able to reach our goals of building skillful robots, learning the mechanical and computational aspects of robotics, and building the simplest thing that could possibly work.

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