We’re here!

waiting in the airport

After spending an extra hour and a half on the Tarmac (which, as Mr. Newcastle remarked, made the cost-per-hour to sit on the airplane go down), we finally were up in the air and going to Oklahoma. After the 2.5 hour flight, we grabbed our bags and then collapsed in the middle of the airport (after all, it was past midnight our time) and waited for the mentors to get our rental vans. By the time we got to our dorms, we were definitely ready to sleep.

practice roundsPractice tables opened today at 8am. Mr. Gras made some joke about going for a run this morning, like they do in the military, but somehow the idea didn’t catch on. However, he still wanted us to start practicing as soon as possible. But knowing how we teenagers would behave this morning after a less than optimal amount of sleep, the Newcastles and he decided that we would be ready at 8, meet in the hallway, and head to breakfast.

looking rather cheerfulSo here we are, at Oklahoma University, with half the team waiting in line to practice. It’s nice – having two sets of bots, we can practice twice as much and find mistakes in half the time. The first two runs were bad; the first Legobot did a good job, but both the Creates did badly and so did the second Legobot. But in between practices, everyone runs back to the table to work on what they can, then they get in line to test again. Tomorrow starts seeding rounds, and hopefully by then we’ll be ready.