Head-to-Head Round 4

oh no!

We faced the most difficult team so far, a team whose strategy involves carrying all four cups on its back and onto the other team’s side. We did well with our tribbles, but so did they, so we tied on tribble scores. We got three of our four cups, as is typical, but that last cup occasionally goes over the side and this would have been a great time for that to happen. Their legobot was going across the bridge at the same time that ours was, so our bots crashed and drove off the side together. Our create got across and into their shelter, and their create got over to our side in the last few seconds… with all the cups on top. Bummer.

I’m definitely glad it’s double elimination, so we’re still in after this our first loss.

104 – 107

Head-to-Head Round 3

This round was pretty epic. The other team had a sort of Project X type structure to prevent us from getting to the other side, but our Legobot is a beast and still made it up the hill enough to fight with their bot. It managed to push its way over a bit, moving the bridge blocker so that the angle of the hill was small enough that the Create would probably make it across. After some fighting, it stopped at the top because it thought it had finished its code. But their bots knocked the other half of the bridge down for us, and after the Create had done a wonderful job sorting Tribble piles, it also forced its way into the mess. Half of the bot was on their side, but the start switch didn’t make it. However, we still got the 15 points for Legobot and got an overall awesome score.

103 – 33

Head-to-Head Round 2

This round went extremely well. We got all the Tribbles that we hoped for, plus deployed three of the four cups and all of the umbrellas. Legobot made it across the bridge, but once again bumped into their bot and ended up in their solarium. Their bot knocked over the other half of the bridge, though, but went a little bit crooked and was stuck on the edge of the bridge. We were worried about the Create getting across – it looked to be a nasty collision. But when it was time, the Create was, of course, awesome and a bulldozer, and it pushed their Legobot just enough out of the way that we made it all the way over and into their start box just before the timer ran out.

136 – 39

Head-to-Head Round 1 – Let’s go!

Our first round went quite well. The Create did excellent grabs, doing everything as well as usual. We had 13 good Tribbles, meaning we scored all of them from the bottoms of each pile. Legobot, however, ran into the difficulties we can expect (or not expect, as we never know) when it crossed the board. Their bot was right at the edge of the board, so from the beginning we ran into them and became misaligned. We ended up stuck in their solarium without having hit down the other half of the bridge, so the Create never made it across. Nevertheless, we got a nice score.

98 – 34

Ready and Waiting

This morning we didn’t have nearly as many problems getting out of bed since we got much closer to an average amount of sleep. We piled into the vans for yet another 7:30 am practice session (yes, i know, it’s getting old.) We then watched a collaborative presentation by a few of the groups who have come to Botball from overseas, which was very interesting. The following presentation was on the creation of educational but fun video games. Apparently, kids are more likely to study when studying means playing a computer game. Personally, I was shocked.

When it was time for lunch break, we headed to a cute sandwich place called Which Wich? It has a unique system for ordering sandwiches: you pick up a bag, color in the bubbles of the toppings you’d like, and they make it for you! Not only is the ordering process fun with coloring involved, the sandwiches are delicious.

We’ve just finished the second practice round of the day and the final practice round of Botball Nationals 2008! Now we’re just waiting to be called to the tables and begin the head-to-head round… wish us luck!

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