Starting Off a New Season

The team has begun to brainstorm ideas of how to accomplish the daunting task of both picking up the PVC “boosters” and being able sort through the differently colored tribbles to maximize points. The hardware team is focused on building a 30 inch arm to assemble the “boosters” on the support poles, and building claws for the Createbot (Create)  to grip the boosters.

20130224_145831Our goal is to be able to base off of last years design and create an efficient, yet subtle claw to be able to both pick up, and hold the colored PVC pipes.”  ~Miles

The software team is continuing to teach our new team members how to program the cameras so that they can achieve the appropriate position in relation the the object desired (the differently colored tribbles).

We are working on how to code the cameras. We are attempting to be able to discern between the green and the orange tribbles to maximize points.” ~Jack

Our team leader, Lauren, has continued to provide us with both inspiration and encouragement since day 1. She feels that this is one of the best teams so far and that we have a great mix of different teens and school. Although we set an ambitious goal for this year’s Botball, her leadership will definitely shine through and lead us for a great season.

BotBall Competition 2012

Today all the hard work payed off at the competition. We all went in prepared and excited. We had a great start and in our first round scored 600 points the highest score in the country so far. We continued to have some great rounds and came out with some great scores but then in the head to head we had a slight conflict. While the robot was looking for the yellow block a judge was standing to close with blue jeans on and the robot saw the blue and became confussed and shutdown. By the time we relized the problem it was to late, every round after that the first thing we checked for was blue colored jeans. There were many amazing teams that had some great ideas and designs. We were very amazed by all the teams hard work. We made it to the championship round and we put all our hard work to the test and went up against another anazing team. They had some amazing ways of scoring points and stopping us from scoring but in the end we won but not by a huge difference.

Crunch Time

Today everyone at the Botcave was working on makeing all the final changes to the robots and started to prep them for competition. Hardware and Software worked together to make sure the robots were running smoth


Today Hardware worked to make small changes to the robots so the were able to run smother. They also added the final parts to the robots so they were all put together and almost ready for competition.


Software worked to add the final parts of the program to the code to make sure the robots were going to run smoth. With each day the robots make more progress and are almost ready for competition.


Although we had a few unsuccessful runs at the Bot cave today by the end the robots were running smother.

Count Down To Competition

Today everyone was back at the Bot Cave to continue working on the robots. The robots are looking great. Today everyone was working hard on putting new parts on and programing new software to make the robots run. Both hardware and software have made major improvement on the robots. We were lucky today and had people from both Hardware and Software to continue the work.

Hardware Update

Today hardware continued to add on to their already amazing work. So many new parts have been made and added and now the robots can pick up objects and move them. I believe this is some of the best work i have seen in weeks. Hardware great job today and keep up the great work.

Software Update

Today the Software team was back at the Bot Cave working extremely hard to write the code to go with the parts that have been added on to the robots. Tests were run on the robots and they have made great progress. Our robots are almost ready for competition. Good work today Software i am seeing success in the near future.

All of us at the Bot Cave are on a count down to competition. We had a group gathering to discuss the progress we have made and what we still have to finish. The pressure is on to finish the robots and code for the robots but i have confidence that we will be able to finish it all before competition.

Keep up the hard work guys.

Hard at Work

So much efficiency in the BotCave today.

The team broke up into hardware and software teams to get some good work done. Our new members of outreach have started to learn the ropes of the software we use to make the team videos. I wish them the best of luck. Hopefully I won’t be dedicating too much time to the video and I can concentrate on my blog. Whoops did I say hopefully? I meant unfortunately. All jokes aside, making the video is fun and I’m sure the girls will enjoy it.

Some highlights of today have been Justin’s supervising skills and Ryan’s carrot-based innovations. Also, we have a tentative strategy up on the board. It looks pretty solid if you ask me. This just in: Ryan can eat a whole taquito in one bite. In other news, I’m told the software team is learning the ins and outs of Java. All in all, it was a fairly productive day.