Anthony: “I’m happy to be a nerd. I would much rather be a nerd than lots of other things. I’m the nerdiest person in the BAND!”

Liam: “I never mess up!! What happened there??… …HARDWARE!!!”

Liam (on the computer, coding): “Whoa… We have 51 states. That’s a lot.”
Sam: “No, we don’t.”
Ben: “Yeah, that is a lot.”
Sam: “oh… I thought you meant in the United States… and I was like ‘liam, you are so dumb..’, ”

Tim: “Fail due to a catch on a cup.”
Anthony: “What? Ketchup?”

Benjin: “Are there any more pluggy places?”

Mr. Newcastle: “Don’t leave the light on!”
Mrs. Newcastle: “Tim will get injured!”

Mrs. Newcastle (carrying plate of bagel bites): “Caution: product extremely hot. Yes, that was for Tim’s benefit.”

Anthony: “It’s so classified, it doesn’t even have a name!

Liam: (as the bot falls off the bridge) “I did not write that code.”

Mia: “Whatcha doin?”

Liam: “Workin’ on the duckgrabber.”

Steven: “It grabs ducks.”

Mia: (after being punched in the arm by Albert)Hey! That’s my blogging arm!”

Benjin: “Drinks anyone?”

Liam: “Thin mints. ”

Benjin: “Thin mints is not a drink.

Mia: “Will there be another stress rehearsal  before globals?”

Mr. Gras: “If I’m still breathing. ”

Mia: (while listening to her headphones, barely able to hear the song playing) Is this ‘Freebird’?”

Liam: (with ‘Freebird’ clearly playing in the background) “No it’s ‘Hey Jude’.”

Benjin: (sings) “Hey Judeee…”

Mr. Gras: “So if this side is the north, then this side is the…?”

Albert: “The left!”

Mr. Gras: “Are you friends with Mia?”

Albert: “Oh yeah he’s friends with Mia and me.”

Patrick: “Uh… I mean I guess we’re friends… Yeah…”
Albert: “Oh I meant facebook friends!”

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