Seeding Round 3

liam being interviewedWe fixed Legobot, but that still didn’t help it out much… it managed to knock down the other half of the bridge, but after that it couldn’t find the tape to square up and get back across. Unfortunately, all it did was take a majestic plunge into space. The Create had less than optimal performance on the Tribble piles, missing at least three oranges and then missing the cups, throwing off only one of the final 3. It still made it across the bridge and into the shelter, but it also dragged in two extra orange tribbles, giving additional points to the other side. So with those points, plus no Legobot on the other side, plus extra cups on our side and a lack of Tribbles, the bonus of the Create making it into the shelter didn’t help us out too much.

go, bots, go!

84 points.
the good luck charm!So now we rest up, have some fun, and come back for practice rounds tomorrow. Head-to-Head doesn’t start until Friday, and we should be able to tidy up our bots before we have to face the competition. So far, we should be in sixth out of 58 in seeding, which is a pretty decent score, and after looking at strategies it seems like we’ll be able to beat most of them in head-to-head.

And here is our good luck charm, who I finished after bringing lots of sewing supplies with me. I forgot to bring him to the watching area for the second two seeding rounds, so I’m contributing the lack of a good luck charm to our worse than usual scores.

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  1. Haha that is so cute, Sam! I like the little tummy door. Your mom and I were on the phone talking about this picture and we decided you look like you’re ten. Good luck on the head to head round. See you in two days!

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