Hard at Work

computer - oohToday is an extremely busy Sunday.


Ben is trying to work, but he can’t remember what he’s actually supposed to be doing because we have distracted him the entire time. I’m here with Kevin and Matt, and since they are hardware guys, they don’t have much left to do except when we have emergencies. So we went to the Alienware website and built the most expensive computer we possibly could: $15,769. It has six monitors, three video cards, and a 1200-watt power supply. Personally, I’d rather have a car than a ridiculously expensive computer.

Oh wait… we hadn’t gotten to the page of games. Of course, we need all the games… and all the accessories. Headphones, external hard drives (our two 120GB internal hard drives weren’t enough), alienware visor and t-shirts, limited edition chronograph watch, 4 gaming controllers (including a flight joystick and steering wheel), and of course the 28-in-1 card reader with Bluetooth. So now our grand total is $20,976.

hardware guys without jobs to doWhile we were being useful, we tested the IR on the ET sensors on the Legobots. We went outside (yes! we left the botcave!) and set up an example bridge to see if natural light would flood the IR sensors. And although the immense amount of natural light outside on a very sunny day completely blinded the tophat sensors, we should be okay with skylights or other such light interference because of our three-sensor system. As long as the tophat can differentiate between black and white enough to find the tape, we’ll be fine, and the ET sensor measures distance to ensure we don’t fall off the bridge. So that’s one worry to cross off the list!

Ben has now remembered what he’s supposed to be doing: he’s trying to center on the green tribble that’s on top of the blue cup. So as we sit here coming up with bogus computer orders, Ben is actually making progress on the robots. Yay Ben!