Tim Burns His Mouth

Quote of the night:

Tim: “Fail due to a catch on a cup.”

Anthony: “What? Ketchup?”

intense guitar heroAnother highlight was the steady arrival of Bagel Bites. Mrs. Newcastle would enter the Botcave with the latest batch, and Hannah would tiptoe over to grab a few but she wasn’t very sneaky. So everyone else would notice, crowd around, and inevitably add a few bagel bites to his plate. But Tim feels that plates are unnecessary, so he just popped one into his mouth. Granted, this is an oven-fresh bagel bite. So we all got to witness Tim with his mouth wide open and full of bagel bite as his eyes watered and he yelled because of his steadily burning tongue.

kevin and anthony working hardThen, of course, another tray of bagel bites arrives, and we all add some to our plates. But look! Tim has not learned. And the affair repeats itself.

We are continuing to work on the things that we wanted to change before Nationals. Ben is trying to get the Legobot across the bridge and mess up the other side as best we can, while also deploying the umbrellas. So far, his new code will put us about 15 points ahead of what we have previously gotten. But the other half of the bridge, as of now, is not going down anymore; we don’t think we’re going to try to get the Create across, since it only very rarely made it. Legobot will be in charge of the sabotage, while the Create will block anyone who tries to get to our side.

Anthony is trying to build a more sophisticated way of picking up a cup. It looks pretty tricky, but maybe it will work even better than the original claw.

Hannah is working with Legobot as well, in a different piece of its routine. She is trying to get it to see the green tribble on top of the blue cup so that we can aim towards it when we’re on their side and push it into their shelter.