Increased Intensity

The team has made the big decision: We’re going to Nationals!

Last Friday, we had a meeting to discuss our future plans. Nationals begin July 8, so we have about a month to prepare our robots for whatever new tricks we want them to do. The team was presented with two options: code an entire new routine, or work towards evolution. We unanimously voted for evolution, then made a list of what we would change to optimize our robots. Equipped with popcorn, we relived the competition and watched the videos of every round, taking notes along the way. With a bunch of suggestions, we’re seeing which ones will be most worthwhile to implement for the greatest increase in points.

What’s the evolved form of a Create?

Basically, once we’ve hit Oklahoma, we won’t be easily forgotten.


One thought on “Increased Intensity”

  1. Wow, is that a Charmander evolution chain? How many times are we planning on evolving our ideas? We might find ourselves in need of a fire stone.

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