Blender Party!

We’re still working with the Create; code freeze, apparently, has been thawed. It’s doing better; it’s been grabbing the first cup and doing pretty well at getting the Tribble piles. Hardware needed to fix the claw because the top finger isn’t quite grabbing the Tribble on the top of the pile. To quote Liam, “HARDWARE!”

Seeding Round 1: 45 points.. our worst so far. Legobot didn’t make it back across the bridge with the Tribbles from the other side, so it just drove into the wall for awhile. The Create tried to go across the bridge slanted; that didn’t work out so well as usual so it ended up floating into space.

Seeding Round 2: 118! Much better! The Legobot did its routine perfectly this time: no circle at the beginning, it knocked the bridge down instantly and got across, then got back across with all of its green tribbles. The Create still isn’t done being programmed, but hopefully we’ll be done by tomorrow…

Head-to-Head Round 1: 57 points; we never made it over to their side, so this is assuming the other team didn’t gain any points. Project X failed to deploy and just got stuck in the Legobot, but we still got our three solar sails over the edge so that was nice! But with Project X stuck on us, we were too crooked to get across the bridge.

Head-to-Head Round 2: 86 points! Second best head-to-head score so far! Project X deployed beautifully, but it actually interfered with Legobot’s board-crossing ability. This score was taken after Mr. Gras fixed Legobot and got it back on track; had it been a real round, we would have only had 71 (because we wouldn’t have made the 15 points to get to their side).

While we were blender partying, Benjin was hard at work on the Create. Great job Benjin! Now it’s time to pack everything up carefully and nicely so we’ll be all ready tomorrow! Who’s excited??