Stress Rehearsal!

Today is the day when we put our setter-uppers, Ben and Benjin, to the test. And when I say “to the test”, I mean an endless barrage of guitar hero, rock band (with tim’s singing), an air shooting gun, and plenty of other distractions. It should be fun and exciting for us, and adequately stressful for them. After this, the actual competition won’t be difficult at all!

And let’s start the practices!

Seeding Round 1: 85 points for us. The Create was messed up from the start, and missedall of its tribble piles. From that point on, it was grabbing at invisible tribbles and the alignment was totally off. The Legobot still performed well, grabbing green tribbles from the other side and bringing them back, and then parking itself in their start box. But the Create, though its goal was to join the Legobot in the start box, was so off that it just ran itself into our wall. PLUS, it didn’t shut itself off within the 2-minute time limit, which would disqualify us in competition. A major thing to fix.

Seeding Round 2: 127 points. Neither of the robots made it to their start square, which caused us to miss out on 45 points. Legobot made it to their side, but time ran out before it got into the box because at the beginning it did a full rotation before knocking down the bridge. The Create got all of its Tribbles, but became misaligned when it was time to throw its final cup off the table. After that, it started at a diagonal across the bridge, and ended up falling into space.

Seeding Round 3: 77 points. Ouch. The Legobot did its little spin at the beginning again, so once more it didn’t make it all the way to the other side’s start box. It got messed up soon after making it to the other side, so it pushed a few Tribbles over the edge plus it ran into the wall for awhile. The Create fell over the edge of the bridge again. We’ve set up an excel spreadsheet to easily calculate our points, and it’s pretty handy.

Seeding Round 4: 52. We’re getting worse with every round, which is bad. The Create was still grabbing for invisible Tribbles, and ended up staying on our side. It was ugly.

Seeding Round 5: 119 points! We’re coming back! The Create managed to actually find some Tribble piles this time, and the Legobot’s spin didn’t go too far. But the Create still got somewhat messed up and pushed three cups into our shelter, making them even more negative points. However, they both made it to the other side. The Legobot got all the way into the start box, but the Create didn’t get properly lined up so it couldn’t fit.. loss of 15 points.

We’ve had enough of the seeding round.. it’s time to practice the head-to-head with my favorite project X! We haven’t had distractions yet, just a few board mix-ups (badly placed tribble piles, cups, umbrellas, and bridges down). Distractions and fun stuff can only come after we’ve gotten through enough mistakes to take more time for each run.

Head-to-Head 1: We beat them by 89 points (we had 86, they had -3). Obviously, the head-to-head will be much more interesting with real competition. Deployment of project X went nicely, but the Create is still not doing as well as we’d like: it missed the first pile, and didn’t toss the cups over the edge, rather, it pushed more of them into our shelter.

Head-to-Head Against Ourselves: No robots made it across, because the Legobot on one side got the bridge down before Project X was deployed, so they just crashed into each other in front of the bridge and stayed there until the 119 seconds was up. The side running by head-to-head programming ended up with a 55, and the side set for seating round only had 8. It was interesting to see them go against each other. The Creates are still having difficulties picking up the cups; more often than not, they’re pushing them into the shelter rather than tossing them over the edge, which adds to our negative points.

Stress time!

Seeding Round 6: 54 points. Not a great seeding round. The Create continues to miss its cups during the second half of its routine. The Legobot didn’t make it back across the bridge to our side with their green tribbles, after which it would have gone back to their start box. That lost us a lot of points. Both bots got stuck going across the bridge, and at the end each was halfway off. Once again, we lost plenty of good points that could have been gained had we gotten to the other side.

Head-to-Head Against Ourselves 2: Don’t know what the score was, but it seemed about even. Once again, Project X didn’t get there in time, and the robots fought each other. However, the epic battle ended when the seeding round’s Legobot fell off the bridge into space. It was hilarious. The Create threw some orange tribbles off the edge instead of cups; off course, we’d love to lose the positive points instead of the negative ones! How did it know?

Head-to-Head Without Opponent 2: Project X backfired and we almost kept ourselves from getting across, but somehow the weight of the bot prevented the bridge from becoming too much of a ramp. It still made it across, but ended up misaligned; since it lacks a safety, it just ran itself into the wall for awhile. The Create did well with its tribbles, but ended up falling over the edge of the bridge again.

Hardware’s got some quick fixes to do; all of those plunges into deep space have caused a bit of distress to our beloved bots. Software has one or two things to work on as well; hopefully the little things can be quickly adjusted.

Tomorrow is time for pack’n’party! Hopefully the bots look a little nicer before we pack them away.