Final Sunday

Bot Guy in Space
Yep, it’s our last Sunday meeting before competition. Six days to go!

Bot Guy with the CreateWe’re making great progress. Yesterday, Benjin and Mr. Newcastle worked for ages on the Create, and it’s doing an amazing job of spinning itself around the table and finding Tribble piles and putting them all in the right places. And, of course, we can’t forget to give hardware credit for the two-fingered arm that allows us to put the right Tribbles in the right spots.

two-fingered claw

The orange Tribbles represent crew people, and the green ones are vegetation. The people are supposed to get to the “shelter”, which is a red area, while the vegetation is supposed to get to the green “solarium”. By using the camera on the Create through a bunch of qualifications, it can look to see: is that a pile with three greens on the bottom and an orange on top? If so, it drives forward until it’s close enough, then picks them up with the special claw. The claw is so awesome; it has a big claw on the bottom that snags the three green ones, and a small claw on top to get the crew member separately. Then it drives to the solarium, drops off the vegetation, and drives over to the shelter to return the crew member to safety. Afterwards, it grabs the other pile and does the same. So the Create seems to be pretty much done!

Bot Guy with the Lego BotLiam and Chris just got 70 points! They have been working with the Legobot and attempting to rescue the other two remaining Tribble piles for the seeding round. Since we’re just playing against the clock, after recovering the Tribbles from our own side, we’ve been working to get all of the Tribbles from the other side onto our side as well. Today was spent trying to get the bot to do a proper linefollow across the bridge without losing any vegetation or crew members over the edge. Last I saw, they managed to get all of the foliage back to our solarium, and the turn works 95% of the time or so. The only problem occurs if the bot chooses to follow the line on the edge of the bridge rather than the middle, but I think they added some sort of “if” statement to allow for that to happen just in case.

This week the Bot Cave is open all week! We’re almost ready to pwn those n00bs at competition!