Hard at Work

So much efficiency in the BotCave today.

The team broke up into hardware and software teams to get some good work done. Our new members of outreach have started to learn the ropes of the software we use to make the team videos. I wish them the best of luck. Hopefully I won’t be dedicating too much time to the video and I can concentrate on my blog. Whoops did I say hopefully? I meant unfortunately. All jokes aside, making the video is fun and I’m sure the girls will enjoy it.

Some highlights of today have been Justin’s supervising skills and Ryan’s carrot-based innovations. Also, we have a tentative strategy up on the board. It looks pretty solid if you ask me. This just in: Ryan can eat a whole taquito in one bite. In other news, I’m told the software team is learning the ins and outs of Java. All in all, it was a fairly productive day.