Square Dancing

Or square programming, so to speak.

Today we’ve returned to the good ol’ Botcave. On top of that, we’ve returned to work on programming. I can hardly contain my enthusiasm. One of the things the kids were asked to do today was to program the robots to move in a square formation, hence the title of my blog. I’m clever, I know. A few of the first tries at this challenge yielded some creative interpretations of the concept of “square”. There were some rectangular squares, some straight squares, and even some round squares. Eventually the square was conquered by our talented youths, and they moved onto bigger and better things.

Namely, they moved onto programming the robot through an obstacle course of sorts. I will do my best to explain to you the course the robots were asked to take, but it might be ambiguous and confusing. It will make more sense if you’ve seen the gameboard. If you would like to see the gameboard, you’re welcome to take a look at my previous blog. (You could even read it if you want.) Anyways, back to the obstacle course. The robots are supposed to begin in the start box, push through the downspouts into enemy territory, go back through the downspouts into friendly grounds, and park the robot between two blocks set up by Mr. Gras. This description makes perfect sense to me, I hope it made some sense to you. Basically what I wanted to get it is that the kids are doing a little bit of complex programming. Complex to me, at least.

Here I am, waiting for one of the robots to experience a miserable failure so I can relay it to you in the wittiest fashion possible, but it seems that everyone is being successful. How incredibly boring. Only kidding of course, success is the best!

The only major failure of the day.
The only major failure of the day.