Four weeks and counting.

team gathering! and i’m happy.

a rare sight: anthony working.The hardware guys have finished most of the stuff that needed finishing. One of the XBCs has an arm with the capability to scoop up Tribbles or cups, and the other one has two arms that can push the bridges down at the start. They seem to be lacking sufficient entertainment, so they brought their laptops. I arrived just in time to witness an epic battle trailer created by some kid who has way too much time on his hands. It was some video documenting the predicted war that would occur if all the heroines of Final Fantasy and Dead or Alive met each other. They were fighting on a rooftop, then fought as they fell down the side of the building. They were in freefall for probably about a minute, then slowed down by sliding their shoes on the wall. Because, of course, that would work. According to our calculations, the building must have been (only) 10.91 miles high. Of course, then they fell into the lava. ALMOST. But someone popped out of nowhere who could freeze the lava! Yay!

hannah and her precious bagel biteNo one can question the epicness. The movie lasted ten whole minutes.

As far as the hardware guys have gotten, software is feeling a little bit pressed for time. We just had a team meeting, and we have been informed that the competition is four weeks from yesterday. There are 23 days left to be in the Bot Cave, 65 possible hours available. So far, we can get out of our starting zone and knock over the bridge. There’s lots still left to do. Chris has even been converted from a hardware guy to a software guy.

ben is a gorilla!Anthony, it turns out, has not finished working on hardware. He is currently working on Project X, and according to him: “It doesn’t even have a name! When we haven’t even named it yet, it’s obviously classified.” It resembles a Star Wars X-Wing; I practiced flying with it and shot lasers. But its actual functionality obviously cannot be revealed at this time.

Liam and Ben are trying to get the bridge down and then get across it. Based on my observations over the past half hour, it’s a lot more difficult than it would appear.

Hannah and Chris are attempting to move the Create so that it can reach the first cup and presumably knock it off the board. They manage to do it some of the time, but the cups are being badly abused. Hannah refers to it as “well-loved.”