Copter Bot

clearly amusedTim has developed his food-foot skill to include Do-Si-Do girl scout cookies. Somehow, he manages to flip them up into the air with his foot and catch them in his mouth with an accuracy level of maybe 30%.

The recreated Helicopter Bot has turned out to be, basically, a failure. Its “propellers”, connected to the sides of the basic XBC, barely even manage to push Tribbles out of the way. I’m pretty sure nothing was really expected of it from the beginning, but it seems to have failed even those low expectations.

the blogger in action!The software guys + Hannah are trying to program the bots to find a green Tribble. The bot needs to turn until it sees green, then go towards it until it is close enough, then pick it up. According to Liam, it takes a lot of code.

hard at workLiam brought his exchange student from Japan and explained the game to him. He began in English, then switched to (apparently basic?) Japanese, at which point I whispered to Hannah, “DUDE, he speaks Japanese?” and she seemed to believe it was common knowledge (“You didn’t know that?). It was very interesting.