Seeding: Round 1

Score: 186

Not our best score, but not terrible. That was actually our average from stress rehearsal. Comparatively this isn’t too shabby. We’re in first place for the seeding as of now but we’ll see how the other two rounds go. Considering how many problems we’ve been having with the create bot and how devastating they’ve been to our practice scores I don’t think we can complain about a 186. We overshot the green line with Botguy, so I think all in all we did pretty great. I believe Benjin and Tucker are working on hardware and software solutions for this problem. We need to continue tweaking the create bot until we get it right. I think our bot gets to the center platform the fastest, and if we’re not the fastest we’re very close. If we can get create to function properly, I’ve got a feeling (pun intended) that we’re gonna go really far in this tournament. On to round two!