A Special Visit

Today we had two Dead Robot Society alumni come visit the BotCave.

As a current member of the team I thought it was pretty cool that this organization made a large enough impact on people’s lives that they actually came back to visit years after they left the team. To me this says that the things I learn and the people I meet here will stay with me as I continue with my  life.

Alright enough of that sentimental stuff cause there’s only so much of it I can take. The hard work everyone has been putting in for the last few months is really starting to show. Even those of us who are technologically challenged (and as usual by “us” I of course mean me) are able to see the fruits of hardware and software’s labor. The robots appear to be almost completely built. At least to me they do. Software  has successfully run a program that allows the robot to move to the platform and knock the frogs and BotGuy off. I know this is really important because ever since the first day I got here the team has been talking about getting those items off the platform as the first priority. Go team!

You’ll notice that I knew exactly what software was doing. This is a great improvement. I was able to put it  in better words that someone from the actual software team was. When I asked Kelly what software was doing today she answered me with “We’re getting the things off the thing.” Fortunately Allison was able to better explain what they got done today which is good because then I was able to tell you. Also we were apparently so productive we had time to watch the Caps in overtime. Obviously this is a positive thing and not at all a sign of slacking.

Today we were all in a rather joking mood. “Drinks anyone?” “Thin mints.” “Thin mints is not a drink.” There was some fist pumping in there somewhere too. However words cannot do any justice to the greatest joke of the day. It can only be captured in a picture.

Only in the BotCave
Only in the BotCave

I think Mr. Gras got too much of a kick out of that. Sometimes, just sometimes I wish I had another blogger with me. An English person, not a math person, to make grammar jokes to. But alas, I am on a robotics team and therefore math jokes will ensue. Even though I may not be fond of pi and imaginary numbers, I do enjoy being a part of this team. Besides the fact that we’re totally boss and we win all the time, we work well together and today was no exception.