Head-to-Head Round 9 : The Last One

Once again, we faced the team that stacked the cups on their back and then drove them all across to the other side. This time, we even got all of the cups off our side, the clincher that would have given us the lead in our previous loss to this team. But this time, that wasn’t enough.

The Legobots ran into each other while crossing the bridge, and both fell off. Both Creates sorted tribbles well, and theirs went around stacking cups on its back. When our Create got across the bridge and into their shelter for those crucial 30 points, we all clapped and cheered, knowing we had done the best we could do. But their Create made it to our side too, taking with it -16 points in cups. It was a good round, we’d done all we could, and it was very impressive to have gotten as far as we did.

103 – 110

This gave us the third place title in Head-to-Head, following up a 6th in Seeding. Overall, we scored 4th. To be the 4th best Botball team in the world? I consider that an honor. We did the best we could, had a great strategy, and put up a very competitive fight against the best teams out there. It was nice.

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  1. Woahh, nice job guys, I can’t say I didn’t expect that out of you. I kind of regret not going onto nationals now, it would have been fun.

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