Head-to-Head Round 7

This team had an interesting strategy: their create appeared to fling itself into space, but suddenly their XBC popped out of the top and tried to make its was to the other side on an alternate set of wheels. We had seen it work successfully in a few rounds, but this time it didn’t make it out of the little cage mechanism and didn’t make it onto our side. Our Legobot got over to their side, but missed the tape and didn’t turn around to get the other half of the bridge down. Instead of going for the bridge or messing up their tribble piles, it just decided to ram straight into their robot. We pushed their bot around the table until it was stuck against the wall, and even as it tried to back up we just kept accelerating them and they had no choice but to comply. This kind of bot-on-bot action is the most hilarious and unpredictable part of Botball.

The Create obviously couldn’t make it across just half a bridge, but it had done a nice job rescuing crew members and plants so we ended up with a nice score.

101 – 7

One thought on “Head-to-Head Round 7”

  1. If I remember correctly, the official score for this round (as told to us by the judges) was 101-1. I don’t know why they didn’t give them one of their tribbles, but they just didn’t, so we weren’t complaining.

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