Head-to-Head Round 6

After Hannah and Liam set up the bots in the start box and everything was all ready to go, the other team came around the table and debated whether our bots were all the way within the lines. This was a perfectly reasonable argument, since it is an important rule and we may have done the same for another team (especially one as intimidating as ourselves) but once we rearranged the bots, they needed to be entirely recalibrated to the light sensor. Although we only needed to move the Create, it was very important that we reset both of the light sensors in case anything had changed. The new placement of the Create could affect the light that reached Legobot, and nothing would be worse than having a robot that didn’t leave the start box because of a faulty calibration.

But once that was all taken care of, it turned out to be an excellent round. The Create continued its consistent Tribble gathering and did much better on the cups this time. Their Legobot had planned to sit where our bridge would go to serve as a blocker, but we hit the bridge down before they got there so their bot got confused and drove off the edge. Although Legobot got to the other side, it missed the tape and didn’t manage to hit down the other half of the bridge. It seemed to have stopped running, but towards the end of the 2 minutes it started up again and ended at the edge of their start box. The start switch was precariously on the edge, and nobody could decide if it should count or not. Even Dave Miller, a member of KIPR’s board of directors, came over to try and decide our point total. In the end, it was a nonissue because whether that bot was worth 15 points or 30, we still had the round in the bag.

113 – 48

Six teams left!