Head-to-Head Round 5

We did an okay job on Tribbles this round, but the Create lacked the consistency we’ve come to expect when it got to the cups. Somehow, it was way off, and we only deployed the first of the four satellites. When it came to Legobot, this team employed a bridge blocker as an attempt to keep us from getting across. It was very similar to Anthony’s Project X mechanism, and just like with our Project X demos, Legobot still managed to make its way to their side of the board. However, it was a steep enough climb that Legobot flipped over and didn’t score more than the basic 15 points once it was on the other side of the bridge. Obviously, the Create couldn’t get across the bridge at that point, and it wouldn’t have anyway since after the failure with the cups, it just ran itself into the wall.

77 – 39