Head-to-Head Round 8

We did a great job this round, with the Create, once again, doing an excellent job on the Tribbles. One of their bots had a big arm serving as a blocker for anyone trying to get across the bridge. Unlike Project X, this one didn’t prevent the bridge from coming down, it was just meant to prevent the bots from getting onto their side. It was a big x-shaped thing that anchored itself against the other half of the bridge, making it pretty sturdy. But our Legobot, built of strength and sheer awesomeness, managed to get a little bit under the blocker and pushed it up enough to get through the opening. Once it got on their side, it had no idea where it wsa going, but it was still a nice move.

Legobot didn’t hit the other half of the bridge down, and it ended up getting bulldozed into the corner by their create. This seemed to be karma, another bot returning the favor for last round’s mischief. Legobot was mercilessly crushed until the arms broke and it almost fell off the table. According to Connor, it was “protesting to the point of injuring itself.” Anthony was not there to run to the table holding the stretcher and shouting medic!,  but we managed to bandage up Legobot before the next round.

80 – 32