Starting Off a New Season

The team has begun to brainstorm ideas of how to accomplish the daunting task of both picking up the PVC “boosters” and being able sort through the differently colored tribbles to maximize points. The hardware team is focused on building a 30 inch arm to assemble the “boosters” on the support poles, and building claws for the Createbot (Create)  to grip the boosters.

20130224_145831Our goal is to be able to base off of last years design and create an efficient, yet subtle claw to be able to both pick up, and hold the colored PVC pipes.”  ~Miles

The software team is continuing to teach our new team members how to program the cameras so that they can achieve the appropriate position in relation the the object desired (the differently colored tribbles).

We are working on how to code the cameras. We are attempting to be able to discern between the green and the orange tribbles to maximize points.” ~Jack

Our team leader, Lauren, has continued to provide us with both inspiration and encouragement since day 1. She feels that this is one of the best teams so far and that we have a great mix of different teens and school. Although we set an ambitious goal for this year’s Botball, her leadership will definitely shine through and lead us for a great season.