BotBall Competition 2012

Today all the hard work payed off at the competition. We all went in prepared and excited. We had a great start and in our first round scored 600 points the highest score in the country so far. We continued to have some great rounds and came out with some great scores but then in the head to head we had a slight conflict. While the robot was looking for the yellow block a judge was standing to close with blue jeans on and the robot saw the blue and became confussed and shutdown. By the time we relized the problem it was to late, every round after that the first thing we checked for was blue colored jeans. There were many amazing teams that had some great ideas and designs. We were very amazed by all the teams hard work. We made it to the championship round and we put all our hard work to the test and went up against another anazing team. They had some amazing ways of scoring points and stopping us from scoring but in the end we won but not by a huge difference.

Crunch Time

Today everyone at the Botcave was working on makeing all the final changes to the robots and started to prep them for competition. Hardware and Software worked together to make sure the robots were running smoth


Today Hardware worked to make small changes to the robots so the were able to run smother. They also added the final parts to the robots so they were all put together and almost ready for competition.


Software worked to add the final parts of the program to the code to make sure the robots were going to run smoth. With each day the robots make more progress and are almost ready for competition.


Although we had a few unsuccessful runs at the Bot cave today by the end the robots were running smother.