Count Down To Competition

Today everyone was back at the Bot Cave to continue working on the robots. The robots are looking great. Today everyone was working hard on putting new parts on and programing new software to make the robots run. Both hardware and software have made major improvement on the robots. We were lucky today and had people from both Hardware and Software to continue the work.

Hardware Update

Today hardware continued to add on to their already amazing work. So many new parts have been made and added and now the robots can pick up objects and move them. I believe this is some of the best work i have seen in weeks. Hardware great job today and keep up the great work.

Software Update

Today the Software team was back at the Bot Cave working extremely hard to write the code to go with the parts that have been added on to the robots. Tests were run on the robots and they have made great progress. Our robots are almost ready for competition. Good work today Software i am seeing success in the near future.

All of us at the Bot Cave are on a count down to competition. We had a group gathering to discuss the progress we have made and what we still have to finish. The pressure is on to finish the robots and code for the robots but i have confidence that we will be able to finish it all before competition.

Keep up the hard work guys.

Practice Makes Perfect!!!

The robots were running all day long at the bot cave today. Everyone was watching the robots make their test runs today on the game table. Software and hardware have been hard at work writing program and building movable parts.Today all the hard work was put to the test as the software was entered on the CBC and the program was run. Everyone stopped and turned to the game board to watch the robots run. After the run we all realized the hard work had gotten us pretty far but that we still have a lot of work to do.

update from hardware

Hardware continues to work hard to make new parts to use on the robots. As hardware continues to works our robots continue to improve. Although today we seemed to have a lack of people to work on our hardware? Makes me wonder where are our hardware people at??? It is kind of quiet around here without hardware, you can always tell when they are not here because there is a weird silence (like now). Come back hardware who said you were done!!!


update from software

Software continues to make great progress in finding methods to earn points on the game board. Software was present today unlike our slacking hardware (just kidding). Today software was working so hard I could not believe that it was possible to write code that fast. All I have to say is WOW! Good job guys keep up the great work! I am seeing to major progress.

All of the robots look great and are starting to look ready for competitions. Not that I know much I’m only outreach but they look ready to me. The bot cave has been very busy lately and many people from the teams have been coming in to work. Everyone has gotten a lot done these past few weeks and we are working towards our well known strong robots. We hope to come out of the competitions with success. We are all so proud of all the teams commitment and hard work.