Head-to-Head: Round 4

Score: 176, Victory

Still in it. It was a good match, we simply got to Botguy much faster and placed him on the line. If the other team had gotten to the island first it might not have been the same outcome. As the weaker teams continue to get eliminated, our opponents get harder and harder to defeat. We’re constantly working on our hardware and software throughout the day. We try to make minor adjustments that will make major positive changes for our robots.

Having one loss already, it’s really important for us to stay strong during these rounds of competition. In order to get to the final round we have to win the entire losers bracket. Plus, after we hypothetically win the losers bracket, we would have to beat the winner of the regular bracket twice in order to take home first place. Not exactly an easy task. This was our last round today. Fingers crossed tomorrow will be successful.

Head-to-Head: Round 3

Score: 143, Loss

We were so close. TJ only beat us by twelve points. It was an extremely tough loss, not gonna lie. We knew TJ would be difficult to beat. On a side note, TJ made changes to their robots and strategies from Regionals that look strangely familiar. At a glance  you might think their bots are just our clone bots… Also, I’d just like to mention that this is our first loss this season, Regionals included, just saying. It sucks big time to have one loss this early in the competition, but I have a feeling won’t have such trying competition for at least some time. Plus Rick Astley  (in the form of Benjin) promised he was never gonna give us up and never gonna let us down. Take what you will from that. Let’s go round four.

Head-to-Head: Round 2

Score: 219, Victory

We may or may not have owned the other team. You can tell from our score that both of our robots worked perfectly. Thank goodness create is fully functional again. It has given us quite a few scares. Our bots are very good, but this match we didn’t have the toughest competition. The other team only ran one robot, and it fell over. We can only hope that we continue to hold up as our opponents get more and more challenging. Speaking of next round, I hear we’re playing a team from TJ, one of our rivals and hardest competitors. I’ve been told they are consistently doing very well so we’re all a bit nervous for next round. We’ll see what happens.

Head-to-Head: Round 1

Score: 127, Victory

Let me just tell you, Botguy was as close to the line as he could possibly be without actually touching the line. Curses. Oh well, a win is a win. We also somehow managed to not get all seven ducks on the line and not drop any sponges on oil slicks. We still scored over a hundred though. Win? I think so.

We were actually competing against the team we share a table with. Even though we were competitors, we wished the best for them and they were happy for us when we won. It could be because this is a double elimination tournament so we didn’t knock them out, but I like to think it’s because we’re good sports. Either way, it was a great start.

Seeding: Round 3

Score: 86

Yeah, we had a few issues. Our create bot’s arm decided it wouldn’t actually reach above the platform and instead it would get caught. This caused create to completely malfunction to give us a total of zero points. However our lego bot didn’t fail us and it gave us 86 points all by itself. Way to go lego bot. Apparently, Mary didn’t give enough love to create. She’ll have to try harder next time. Our average was 148, however only the two highest scores from the seeding rounds are actually put into the average that decides seeding, and that number was 179. This brought us to finish seeding in fourth place. Not too shabby, all things considered. Hopefully we’ll fix up any glitches and be ready for head-to-head by the time it rolls around. I haven’t the slightest clue as to whom we’ll be playing against tomorrow, but I’ll keep you guys informed. Keep a look out for a blog about the things we do when we’re not playing with robots because I think you’ll be rather entertained.