Divide and Conquer!

The software and hardware teams were both extremely busy today and had the mentality to divide and conquer. Will from the hardware team was busy working on the arm for Create and adding the potentiometer.  The potentiometer is a new tool in botball and one that will be extremely useful in this year’s competition. The rotary potentiometer prints a number when the angle of the arm on Create changes. This will allow us to program the arm of Create to stop at a specific point, which will make the rocket boosters (tubes) easier to pick up and easier to stack on the rocket booster launch pads (poles).  Will and Create Arm

The hardware team also has a slider potentiometer which prints a number based on how far the knob on the potentiometer slides, but the hardware team does not know if they will use this tool in this year’s robots. Patrick and Natalie had their heads buried in the Legos, diligently cloning Create to make sure that every piece on each of the robots was identical.

Today the software team tried to answer a question that has plagued the world for centuries… time travel. A negative time had been put into a call and the team tried to think through how one could go back in time. A number is put into the call to have the robot travel in a direction for a certain period of time.  But when a negative number was accidentally put into the call the only way the robot could accomplish the task would be to travel back in time.

The team’s goal for the day was to consistently identify the green tribbles and to make the identification process fool-proof. They hope that by the end of the week they will be able to identify a green tribble from anywhere on the board and collect it to score points. They are also eager for the hardware team to finish Create’s arm so that they can teach new programmers how to program the Create and work the arm.

Pondering Time Travel