GCER Results

First off, apologies for not posting this during GCER! We had an incredibly busy and hectic week, so the blog slipped my mind. This post should be worth the wait though, as we won 1st overall!!!!! It was a hard fought win for the team, as we placed 3rd in both double seeding and regular seeding (2nd for seeding overall), and fought our way back from the consolation bracket to win double elimination (against the same team that knocked us into the consolation bracket)! In addition to placing well, the team was awarded Judges’ Choice! This was the best GCER DRS has seen in many years and we are thrilled to share it with you all.

Back in Norman! GCER 2022

Greetings from Norman, Oklahoma! The team arrived at the hotel this evening and the excitement is certainly building!! We reconstructed our robots, ate some pizza, and enjoyed a chill evening. We will start our day bright and early tomorrow at 7 am so that we can start practice as soon as possible- can’t wait to get on the boards! I will continue post updates here throughout the week so stay tuned!

GCER Preparations

We are less than a week away from flying to Norman, Oklahoma for GCER! After taking yesterday off for the 4th of July ~hope you all had a great holiday!~ we are pushing through the rest of this week to get our robots polished and competition ready.

As we do this, we must also begin planning to pack our robots; they must be disassemble for traveling on an airplane. On top of this, we have to prepare our laptops, hardware supplies, batteries, chargers, and more! A busy week in the cave but we are all thrilled to be heading back to GCER after two years pause.

Regional Competition: Results

Regionals was a great success for DRS! We came in 1st overall, winning both the seeding and double elimination rounds, and were selected as Judge’s Choice! Although we did very well and are extremely proud of our students, our robots struggled! We never achieved our maximum score and neither robot preformed at its best.

Looking forward to GCER, we will improve our robots’ designs to better account for any board design variables and adjust our routine as scoring guidelines change. Thanks for keeping up with us!

3 Days Out

3 days until the Regional competition! Lego is looking competition ready, but Create has needed a few minor tweaks in its routine. Aside from the robots, we did a practice run-through of our onsite presentation to the students! Tomorrow we will do another presentation for the mentors to get additional feedback. Looking forward to it!