Six Weeks To Go!


Today was yet another productive day at the Cave. Both hardware and software were working hard on many tasks. On the software team, Aaron had plenty to say about his goal for the day. “Katrina and I are working on Lego, we are trying to fix a turn to be able to see the second green tribble.” After many attempts they were able to see and eventually pick up the green tribble!


On the hardware team, Will and Pranay were “making the arm longer on create to prevent it from pivoting.” This task is crucial, when stacking the rocket boosters because any extra movement can result in the loss of points. The goals for the upcoming week for hardware are to finish the create design concept and to submit their first step for documentation.

Software’s goals include to continue to pick up the green tribbles with consistency and to be able to continue to work on their documentation as well. Many more to come from the Cave as we prepare for our competition on April 20th, stay alert!